The World Youth Parliament for Water

The World Youth Parliament for Water in a few words

The 6th World Water Forum will be held in Marseille (France) from 12 to 17 March 2012 and will bring together more than 30 000 participants from all over the world – politicians, water managers, NGO members, and citizens. The theme of this forum is ambitious, for it is to propose concrete solutions for water, and not only identify problems connected to water issues.

Young people account for 20% of the world population and must be part of the 6th World Water Forum. It is essential that young people highlight their commitment to water, develop an understanding of water issues, and also contribute to the Forum with solutions based on their initiatives and their projects.

The World Youth Parliament for Water (WYPW) aims to collect and promote the commitment of young people from all over the planet. 85 young representatives from the five continents (Africa, Asia, Americas,
Europe and Oceania), will establish the WYPW at the Marseille Forum with the following objectives:

1. Get WYPW proposals and solutions taken into account in the 6th World Water Forum;
2. Obtain standing for the WYPW as an official component of each of the World Water Forums.

Committed partners who are experienced in and have been involved with youth projects for many years manage the WYPW.

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