STRATEAU, helping tool for a decision making

Water is a delicate wealth, even more delicate when it is scarce. Now, Mediterranean countries set barely 100 m3 of water per capita per year; that is, if it is a crucial issue, human, financial and more strategic: its rarity risks, at medium-term, to create tensions between the competing neighboring countries.
Any decision regarding its management must take into account the space factor, time factor and men factor with all their activities.

Once the data collected, STRATEAU develops the solutions to the problems it faces, expects the development of situations in a simple and clear language. So that a junior, regarding its use, provides the work of a senior.

The helping tool for decision making is created according to the great principle:
To make the right decisions, just ask the right questions.




Who should use STRATEAU ?

To develop an appropriate strategy of water, STRATEAU is essential at all stages of the decision, from the Minister who has worked across the country to the mayor who watches over his country village. It fits at all the levels of decision, national and international. It meets all the steps of reasoning, technical, social, economic and strategic.

How does STRATEAU work ?

This tool for decision making is a highly sophisticated design and of a very simple use. We must first implement all the data of the concerned field: physical, climatic, social, industrial, agricultural, etc.. Information is often dispersed over different bodies that have to share. From this information, which confidentiality is strictly respected,
STRATEAU offers comprehensive scenarios of water management.

What skills require STRATEAU ?

Any water specialist who knows how to use a computer can work with STRATEAU:
implementation data are stored via a secured Internet platform. The results are rendered at the requested scale: basin, State, region. Data are more detailed, and more accurate are the answers. STRATEAU can also work clearly at the continent level than at country
village level. After entering the right information, one has just to know how to seize the right questions.

STRATEAU, the exception

Here, now and after

In water field, there are tools that help decision making. They work here and now. STRATEAU doesn’t only provide a solution to an immediate problem. It is essentially
malleable, capable of projecting its answers in space and time.

At a certain point, for example, a decision will be made to build an equipment to meet the needs of a small town in rural area. STRATEAU will not only define the conditions for an adapted solution, impacts on neighboring territories, but in addition, it will draw in the evolution: what will be the water needs in five, ten, fifteen years, taking into account the demographic evolution, urbanization development, global warming rise, increased tourism, etc.?
All scenarios are considered, each feeds the actual strategy : from its relevance will dependthe well-being of future generations.

Each use increases performance.

When a mission implements STRATEAU, the collected information remains in the corpus of the tool. Instead of weakening its uses, its brain is filled with figures and facts. And the more data are multiple, the more the analysis becomes accurate, feeds rigor. Each time, the diagnosis becomes more précised. STRATEAU builds syntheses by dipping data into its bank: it grows gets bigger, and each time STRATEAU gains in performance and efficiency.

Developed with the help of France, Italy, Lebanon and Morocco, STRATEAU is made freely available to the Southern Mediterranean countries.