We are the bridge between the Mediterranean countries for water sharing

Lebanese Arabic and French European, I have the desire to recapture a common culture North / South Mediterranean: Because it's time to learn to share our knowledge, our sensibilities, our techniques, without hierarchy, without judging this is the field that decides, and the field, they are human beings need to listen.
It lacked a structure to make the connection between the very large organizations with big ideas and large and small communities all over the field. The indispensable role of our NGOs, this is to make sure the needs of the field to the ear of policy makers.
The Mediterranean basin is a large geographic area. Since water is scarce, we must imagine a global solution. So, for once, our action is part of a coherent set of great work at national scales. In short, the Embassy of Water is a piece of a puzzle, a puzzle, each piece is essential. Our is called the Mediterranean Union of Young Water Ambassadors.

Jeannette Pretot
President of the Water Embassy



Our history

Founded in 2006, the Water Embassy is a 1901 association outcome of the finding of unequal access to water on Earth. The association aims to work on water issues in emerging countries. It is divided into several areas: awareness, education, information, realization. The public decisively, she organizes among other actions, Water Classes for all levels of school with the support of the Water Agency Seine Normandy, as well as decentralized cooperation projects based on 1%of  the Oudin / Santini law.
Jeannette Pretot and Jacques Oudin, honorary president of the AdE

Our work revolves around two areas: youth and good water governance. The first is expressed through the Union of Young Water Ambassadors (UMJAE), the second is facilitated by a tool for decision support: STRATEAU. The tabs on this site will help you discover our present actions, past and future.

AdE and the UMJAE

The Water Embassy in partnership with universities, engineering schools and among others the Mediterranean Network of Engineering Schools, held during the first quarter of 2008-2009 school classes in Mediterranean Water the Mediterranean countries.

The Mediterranean Water Classes were based on the device of Classes Water Agency of Seine Normandy Water whose key issue is to expose students to the realities of water and its players, with a adaptation taking into account the Mediterranean dimension.

Over the Mediterranean Water Classes, students of engineering schools in each participating country, have established an inventory of water in their country, then good governance of this water, and then propose a field action in relation to the Mediterranean Sea. The presence of an elected official and a professor has guaranteed the quality of expertise and that of the proposed action.

The goal of this first phase was to create a network involved young players in the field close to the people who are the makers of tomorrow.